Auriculotherapy Certification Terms To Know

Auricular - Somatic Correspondences
Remote Reflex Sites
Somatotopic Inversion
Ipsilateral Representation of Ear Points
Reactive Ear Reflex Points
Electrodermal Skin Resistance
Electrodermal Skin Conductance
Organo-Cutaneous Reflexes
Cutaneo-Organic Reflexes
Paul Nogier Discoveries
Nanking Army Ear Acupuncture Team
H.L. Wen Discoveries
NADA Protocol
Auricular Medicine
Auricular Cardiac Reflex (ACR)
Vascular Autonomic Signal (VAS)
Neurophysiological Microsystem Theory
Endorphin Microsystem Theory
Embryological Microsystem Theory
Holographic Microsystem Theory
Yang and Yin Meridian Connections to Ear
Anatomy of the External Ear
Helix Root
Helix Tail
Antihelix Body
Antihelix Tail
Inferior Crus of Antihelix
Superior Crus of Antihelix
Intertragic Notch
Scaphoid Fossa
Triangular Fossa
Superior Concha
Inferior Concha
Concha Ridge
Concha Wall
Internal Helix
Posterior Lobe
Posterior Groove
Posterior Concha
Posterior Periphery
Ear Apex
Darwin’s Tubercle
Antitragus - Antihelix Groove
Auricular Landmarks
Point Zero ( Ear Center )
Shen Men ( Spirit Gate )
Autonomic Point ( Sympathetic Point)
Thalamus Point ( Subcortex Point)
Endocrine Point ( Internal Secretion )
Master Oscillation Point
Allergy Point ( Ear Apex )
Tranquilizer Point
Master Sensorial Point
Master Cerebral Point
Cervical Spine on Antihelix Tail
Thoracic Spine on Antihelix Body
Lumbo-Sacral Spine and Buttocks on Antihelix Inferior Crus
Chinese Hip, Knee, Ankle, and Foot ear points on 
           Antihelix Superior Crus
French Hip, Knee, Ankle, and Foot ear points in Triangular Fossa
Shoulder, Elbow, Wrist, and Hand ear points in Scaphoid Fossa
Occiput, Temples, and Forehead ear points on Antitragus
Face, TMJ, Jaw and Dental Analgesia ear points on Lobe
Eye, Ear, Nose, and Skin sensory ear points
Auricular Diagnosis Procedures
Auriculotherapy Treatment Procedures
Auricular Acupressure
Auricular Acupuncture Needles
Auricular Electroacupuncture
Auricular Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation
Ear Acubeads, Ear Pellets or Ear Seeds
Internal Organ Points
Digestive Organ Points
Mouth and Esophagus in Inferior Concha
Stomach on Concha Ridge
Small Intestines and Large Intestines in Superior Concha
Rectum on Helix Root
Thoracic Organ Points
Chinese Heart point in Inferior Concha
Nogier Heart point on Antihelix Body
Lung 1, Lung 2, Bronchi, Throat, and Larynx in Inferior Concha
Diaphragm on Helix Root
Tonsil Points on Helix
Abdominal Organ Points
Appendix on Superior Concha
Liver on Concha Ridge
Chinese Spleen on Inferior Concha of Left ear
French Spleen on Superior Concha of Left ear
Gall Bladder on Superior Concha of Right ear
Pancreas on Superior Concha
Urogenital Organ Points
Chinese Kidney and Ureter on Superior Concha
French Kidney and Ureter on Internal Helix
Bladder on Superior Concha
Chinese Uterus in Triangular Fossa
Chinese and French External Genital Organs on Helix Root
Energy Functions of Kidney, Liver, Spleen, Lung, and Heart in           Oriental Medicine
Endocrine Glands
Chinese Adrenal Gland on Tragus Inferior Protrusion
French Adrenal Gland on Superior Concha Wall
Thymus and Mammary Glands on Superior Concha Wall and            Antihelix Body
Thyroid Gland on Inferior Concha Wall and Antihelix Tail
Pineal Gland on Tragus below Intertragic Notch
Pituitary Gland on Intertragic Notch wall
Sensory Somatic Nerves Represented on Anterior Surface of Ear
Motor Nerves Represented on Posterior Surface of Ear
Sciatic Nerve on Antihelix Inferior Crus
Sympathetic Ganglia on Concha Wall
Auditory Nerve on Subtragus
Trigeminal Nerve on Lobe
Vagus Nerve in Inferior Concha
Minor Occipital Nerve in Scaphoid Fossa
Spinal Cord on Helix Tail
Brain Stem on Lateral Ear Lobe and Concha Wall
Thalamus and Brain on Concha Wall behind Antitragus
Hypothalamus on Inferior Concha
Limbic System and Striatum on ear Lobe region below Antitragus
Occipital Cortex, Temporal Cortex, Parietal Cortex on peripheral                 ear Lobe
Frontal Cortex on central ear Lobe
Chinese and European Functional Points
Asthma Point (Ping Chuan) on Antitragus Apex
Antihistamine, Constipation, and Hepatitis Points on Triangular                 Fossa
Hypertension Points on Triangular Fossa and Tragus
Lumbago Point on Antihelix Body
Muscle Relaxation Point on Inferior Concha
Triple Warmer Point on Inferior Concha
Appetite Control (Hunger Point) on Tragus
Anti-Inflammatory Helix Points
Anti-Aggressivity Point on Lobe below Intertragic Notch
Anti-Depressant Point on Lobe below Tragus
Vitality Point on Tragus
Auricular Addiction Treatments
Weight Control Treatments
Back Pain and Sciatica Treatments
Headaches, Neck Tension and TMJ Disorder Treatments
Shingles and Peripheral Neuralgia Treatments
Pre-Menstrual Syndrome Treatments
Nausea and Vomiting Treatments
Asthma and Allergies Treatments
High Blood Pressure Treatments
Sensorineural Deafness Treatments
Depression Treatments
Anxiety Treatments